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Affordable Clearwater to Kissimmee Transportation

Not every Florida vacation is going to involve the typical tourist attractions. An often overlooked but extremely worthwhile destination is the city of Kissimmee, a recreation hub just south of Orlando. Traveling from Clearwater to Kissimmee isn’t a two-hour drive that can be taken in a taxi without emptying your wallet along the way, and a rental car is a liability you might not want to think about while you’re trying to relax. If you’re trying to think of a reliable means of transportation that won’t leave you strapped for cash, Express Transportation’s Clearwater to Kissimmee shuttle service is right for you.

What to Do in Kissimmee

Whether you’re looking for action-packed adventure or a relaxing escape, Kissimmee has it all without all the overwhelming tourist crowds of nearby Orlando shuttle services. Approximately 95.2 miles or 1hr and 51 minutes away from Clearwater, Kissimmee is its own attraction that neighbors other popular Florida destinations.

  • Kissimmee Lakefront Park is a calm getaway with a great view. Peaceful, beautiful, and a great place to stop for an afternoon picnic. A perfect place to take a vacation from your vacation.
  • Fun Spot USA is an affordable alternative for Florida vacationers who cannot spend the money on Orlando’s higher end attractions like Disney World. Great rides, great employees, and a family-friendly environment will make your Fun Spot Experience all the better.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, take a balloon ride up to the Florida sky with Thompson Aire. See everything there is to see all at once with a breathtaking bird’s eye view from a hot air balloon. An adventure worth a few photographs.
  • Step away from the manmade thrill rides and experience nature’s very own roller coaster with an exciting kayak or paddleboard ride through Kissimmee Shingle Creek. Crystal waters and lush trees will sate any nature-loving appetite.

Even if you’re in Kissimmee for a work-related convention or event, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your stay in this hidden gem of Florida. Nature, adventure, and relaxation await you.

Traveling from Clearwater to Kissimmee

Because Kissimmee isn’t a typical tourist destination, it’s difficult to find affordable shuttle transportation to and from Kissimmee. Shuttle transportation is not only convenient and affordable; it takes away the stress of making the nearly two-hour drive on your own. With Express Transportation’s newer fleet of vehicles, you can depend on a smooth ride from point one place to the other. Our professional drivers are here to make your ride as seamless as possible, so you can forget about the rules of the road this time around for traveling from Clearwater to Kissimmee.

Reserve a Clearwater to Kissimmee Shuttle

Express Transportation’s reliable shuttle service has been serving Clearwater and most of Florida for many years. Dependable, professional service and timely arrivals make our shuttle service the go-to for many Florida locals and frequent flyers. Don’t waste your money on transportation that isn’t worth a dime—invest in Express Transportation, and we’ll invest the time and energy into making your Florida travel comfortable and convenient.

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