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Tampa to Orlando Shuttle Service

The distance from Tampa, FL to Orlando, FL is 85 miles. To travel between them, you’ll need safe and reliable transportation… unless, of course, you’re in the mood for a long, long walk.

Fortunately, here at Express Transportation, we offer top-of-the-line Tampa Bay to Orlando shuttle service, with pickup available anywhere in the Tampa Bay, including Tampa International Airport (TPA) and beyond.

Our routes are quick, comfortable, safe, and cost-effective. There’s no better way to get to Orlando.

Planning to Take the Metro? Not in Tampa or Orlando…

Tampa and Orlando are both large cities with active tourist and commuter populations, so many travelers naturally assume that the cities offer a mutual mass transit system.

Surprisingly, though, Florida has yet to implement a major metro solution, meaning that travelers have to arrange for their own transportation when visiting the region. Good news, though: our Tampa to Disneyworld shuttle is here to help — and with even better service than a monorail or a subway!

A Tampa to Orlando Shuttle Saves You Money Over Other Options

Rental cars are expensive and require you to accept substantial legal and financial liability in the event of an accident or other misfortune.

Often, people fail to realize that in addition to the daily rate, rental cars carry heavy taxes and additional fees, not to mention a very pricy up-front deposit. And if you’re under the age of 25 or have multiple passengers, you can expect even greater costs and restrictions.

Meanwhile, conventional taxis are even more expensive, particularly in Central Florida, where local ordinances restrict competition amongst cabbies in some high-traffic areas.

And while buses can be cheap, they’re not particularly practical in Tampa or Orlando, where bus service is limited and not intended as a means of reliable mass-transit.

Why Our Tampa to Orlando Shuttle is Your Best Bet

We believe that our shuttle from Tampa to Orlando is, by far, the best available transportation for TPA travelers who need to get to “The City Beautiful.” And that’s not just because we save you money and give you one of the most direct routes you could find.

Express Transportation represents a different kind of shuttle experience. For starters, our updated vehicle fleet is newer than most — an oft-overlooked factor that really can make all the difference in your experience.

We also stress customer service from the moment you first contact us to the time we deliver you to your final destination. Our professional drivers are held to the highest standards of safety, service, and passenger care.

Reserve Your Tampa Shuttle to Orlando Today!

We think you’ll agree that Express Transportation is a cut above the rest. Ready to find out? Go ahead and reserve your next Tampa Shuttle to Orlando today! You’ll be glad you did.

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