Express Transportation

Mini Bus Rental & Charter in Tampa, Florida

As one of the most affordable and professional mini bus rental with driver services in the Tampa Bay area, we have a large selection of vehicles, shuttles and buses to fit all your transportation needs.

Holds up to 25 Passengers!

Our passenger bus rental is a popular option that can transport up to 25 passengers and is perfect for groups who want to travel together for events and outings but who want to leave the driving to professionals.

Why Book a Passenger Bus from Express Transportation?

Our mini bus charter service comfortably seats 25 people, and is the best choice for groups who want to enjoy the camaraderie of traveling together. Businesses, teams, universities, senior communities, private schools, non-profits, and clubs have enjoyed using our passenger mini bus rental for a variety of transportation needs.

The Mini Bus is Great for Group Events!

Our clients book our minibus rental with a driver for a variety of events such as:

  • Group Cruise Ship Transportation
  • Corporate Events
  • Church Groups
  • School Events
  • Sporting Events

  • Senior Community Outings
  • Business Events
  • Field Trips
  • And more!

Benefits of a Passenger Bus with Driver

If you want to enjoy getting from point A to point B with your friends and colleagues, this is the ideal form of transportation for you!  Our mini bus service has a number of benefits including:

  • Affordability: up to 25 passengers can carpool to save money on gas, parking, and will only pay a single driver.
  • Easy navigating: route planning is simplified with a single, professional driver.
  • Built-in designated driver: weddings, parties, and wine tastings can be enjoyed safely by everyone in the group.
  • Exact head-counts: easily keep track of everyone in your group, which is especially helpful for children and seniors.
  • Efficient use of company time: traveling as a group allows you to utilize time on the road for training, meetings, or unifying activities.
  • Enjoyment: Passengers on long drive can text, use laptops, sleep, and have a less stressful experience than driving themselves.

The Mini Bus is an Environmentally Responsible Choice

Renting a mini bus is a green solution and can reduce carbon emissions compared to driving multiple vehicles.

Reducing the number of cars on the roads can help reduce air, ground, water, and noise pollution.

Our minibus can displace 25 passenger cars from overcrowded highways

Reserve a Mini Charter Bus Rental Near You

Express Transportation is known for our excellence in transportation in the Tampa, Bay area. We travel all over the state, with lots of bookings within the greater Tampa Bay area as well as out to the theme parks in Orlando and over to the Kennedy Space Center and beyond.

We provide the very best in customer service and employ only the best, most experienced mini bus drivers.

Our positive reviews and repeat customers for the past 20 years attest that our mini bus and shuttle services are affordable, safe, and reliable.

Call 813-731-9283 or go online to Express Transportation Shuttle Reservations to request a mini bus quote for your next outing. You can count on us for all of your group transportation needs!