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Raymond James Stadium: Home of the Buccaneers

Ahoy! Pirates and land lubbers near and far will not want to pass up the Raymond James Stadium experience. A staple in the heart of Tampa Bay, Raymond James Stadium has long been a fan favorite.

Make sure to get to the game ready to cheer– when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers score a field goal or touchdown the Buccaneer Cove pirate ship comes to life with the firing of loud cannons.

To make the most of your game-day adventure, arrive to the stadium hassle-free with our Raymond James transportation service. Don’t waste your energy on a frustrating drive through heavy traffic; get ready for an exciting football game—Buccaneer style.

5 Benefits of Leaving the Driving to Someone Else

Sure, sometimes it’s nice to get behind the wheel and go for a cruise, but when you’re out to have a good time, driving might not be the safest option. Here are five benefits of letting one of our experienced drivers lead the way:

  1. You can drink without worrying about driving later on
  2. You won’t be distracted by maps or GPS
  3. Traffic or construction detours will not dampen your spirits
  4. Get picked up and dropped off anywhere
  5. Spend more time planning your fun and less time with your hands at ten and two

There’s no reason to add unnecessary stresses when you’re out to forget it all. We have the most reliable Raymond James transportation and are always willing to do the driving.

Safe and Reliable Transportation, Stress-Free Fun

Express Transportation is always trying to stay on top of this hustle and bustle world. We know that when people need to be somewhere, they’re not about to dilly-dally around.

Our Raymond James transportation shuttles are newer vehicles and are made for efficiency. We always arrive on time and will make sure you’re at Raymond James Stadium to see the kick-off.  You’ll never have to worry about missing out on anything with our fast, reliable service.

Avoid Expensive Parking Fees

As much fun as football games are, the expenses can add up rather quickly. Not to mention the $25 parking fee that will empty your wallet quicker than you can say Raymond James Stadium.  Instead of spending the $25 parking fee only to walk quite a distance to the stadium entrance, ride with Express Transportation. Express Transportation is one of the best Tampa Shuttle Services around.

Save Money and Time with Express Transportation

When you’re at a game there are beer vendors throughout the concourse. You’ll never have to question whether or not to drink if you use Express Transportation.  We’ll make sure you get to and from your destination safely and responsibly.

For a similar cost as the Raymond James parking fee, Express Transportation is a great way to avoid stressful traffic in an unfamiliar area. You’ll be able to have a good time without personally dealing with the end-of-game traffic jam or the “sobering up” process.

Tampa’s Best Raymond James Transportation Service

Tampa is a beautiful place brimming with great attractions. Raymond James Stadium always has an eager crowd ready to cheer the Buccaneers to victory.

Get in on the fun with Tampa’s best Raymond James transportation service by booking a reservation with Express Transportation either through the phone (813-731-9283) or online today.