A lot of people call us and ask how to get from Tampa to Orlando. It makes sense; they’re both big cities in the same part of the Sunshine State. But what if you need to go directly from Tampa to Kissimmee instead?

Kissimmee, FL is a smaller city just south of Orlando, but it’s well known for its many business conventions, tourist attractions, and special events, not to mention its proximity to Walt Disney World.

So it’s really no surprise that you might need to go directly from Tampa to Kissimmee, despite the scarcity of transit options available for that destination. If that’s you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our Tampa to Kissimmee Shuttle.

A Tampa to Kissimmee Shuttle Saves You Money

Take a look at all your options when commuting from Tampa to Kissimmee on vacation. The two cities are about 70 miles apart — not quite close enough to make a conventional taxi cab feasible (the by-mile rate & long-distance fees would eat you alive) but not far enough to justify the expense, hassle, and potential liability of a rental car.

That’s why we feel a Tampa to Kissimmee Shuttle is really the ideal solution. It makes perfect sense, given these two cities and the nature of the commute between them.

Mass Transit System to Orlando & Kissimmee on Hold

Central Florida has been debating a mass transit system for years. There may very well come a day in the future when one can simply hop on a monorail in Tampa and ride all the way to Orlando, maybe even stopping in Kissimmee in between. But it hasn’t happened yet.

For now, there’s no mass transit or monorail to get you there. Sure, buses exist, but those are most reliable for short, inner-city travel. They simply aren’t a practical option for traveling more than a short distance away from the city center with all your gear. A Tampa to Kissimmee Shuttle really is the best solution!

Why Travel from Tampa to Kissimmee Anyway?

We actually find customers who need a beeline from Tampa to Kissimmee for a whole host of reasons. Many are traveling on business. Kissimmee is filled head to toe with convention centers (as is Orlando), and the city’s reputation as a recreation hub makes it a very popular destination for corporate retreats.

But often, our customers just want to get to Kissimmee to have some fun! For starters, the town is very close to the theme parks at the Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando resorts. But Kissimmee has its own amusement parks too, not to mention endless dining, themed entertainment experiences, beautiful hotel accommodations, and much more.

In fact, we often recommend Kissimmee as an alternative for those who are looking for something other than the “usual Orlando” kind of vacation.

Reserve Your Tampa Shuttle to Kissimmee Today!

If you’re planning to be in Tampa and think you might need transportation service to Kissimmee, go ahead and give us a call. We can discuss our rates and go ahead and reserve your Tampa Shuttle to Kissimmee today.

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