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Tampa to Epcot Transportation Shuttle

Located just south of Orlando, Epcot is one of four theme parks that comprise the Walt Disney World Resort in beautiful, sunny Florida. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative and intrepid theme parks in the world, Epcot is unlike any other. It offers fun for all ages, and it’s just a 45-mile trip from Tampa!

If you’re planning to be in Tampa — whether for business, to visit family, or even if you already live here — our Tampa to Epcot Transportation Shuttle is an easy and affordable way to take in all that Epcot has to offer (and the rest of Walt Disney World, too!).

A Different Kind of Theme Park

Like so many of Disney’s best creations, Epcot sprang directly from the imagination of Walt Disney himself. Originally conceived as a “city of the future,” Walt called the park his “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” (EPCOT for short). In Walt’s vision, people would actually live and work full-time in Epcot, which would have everything its residents could ever need inside its own city borders.

Walt’s idea for Epcot was so visionary that just the announcement alone got its own primetime special on network TV in the 1960s. Alas, Walt tragically died shortly thereafter, and his “city of tomorrow” was never to be. His dreams didn’t quite die with him, though. Epcot continued on and, over time, it evolved into the theme park we know today.

Because it has so much to offer that other parks don’t, we find that Epcot is a particularly popular destination for our customers. Whether it’s for a day trip or a full-length vacation stay, our Tampa to Epcot Transportation Shuttle is your ticket to a one-of-a-kind theme park journey.

Experience Classic Attractions with a Tampa to Epcot Transportation Shuttle

One of the neatest things about Epcot is its ability to offer two theme parks in one. The front half of the park is known as Future World, home to attractions focused on space, science, underwater exploration, aviation, communication, imagination, and the Earth. Meanwhile, in the back half, you’ll find World Showcase, where you can visit 11 different countries in the same day!

Future World has some of Disney’s most beloved classic attractions, including:

  • Spaceship Earth (a slow-moving but fascinating ride through the history of the world… and, yes, it takes place inside Epcot’s iconic geodesic sphere, otherwise known as “the giant golf ball!”)
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends — relive the adventure of Finding Nemo in this fun-for-all ride
  • Soarin’ — prepare to be lifted into the air for a breathtaking hang-gliding simulation that leaves guests asking, “How’d they do that!?”
  • Universe of Energy — learn all about energy in this hilarious ride-along adventure starring Ellen DeGeneres, Alex Trebek, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Test Track — the fastest, longest ride in Walt Disney World!
  • Captain EO — a futuristic, 3D musical-adventure film starring Michael Jackson and Angelica Huston
  • And much, much more!

And at World Showcase, you can see some of the globe’s most wondrous countries brought to life with unique shopping, dining, performances, and rides. From China and Japan to Morocco, the United Kingdom, and France, Epcot is home to 11 countries all at once!

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