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Clearwater to Epcot Transportation – Low Cost Transportation

At Epcot, or the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” you’re in a unique world imagined up by the creative mastermind Walt Disney himself.

Approximately 91 miles and two hours, 30 minutes away from Clearwater, the drive is long, but definitely worthwhile. If you don’t know how you are going to get there, our affordable Clearwater to Epcot transportation service is just for you. Rather than depleting your energy sources and doing the driving all on your own, let Express Transportation take the wheel. With our fleet of newer, extremely comfortable vehicles, you won’t even remember why you wanted to drive in the first place!

Local Transportation to Epcot Center

No need to fret: Express Transportation knows Florida and all its nooks and crannies like Florida knows its oranges. We value efficiency, as we are sure you do too, and slow-rolling vehicles driven by inexperienced drivers just don’t cut it for us. With a 91 mile stretch from Clearwater to Epcot to cover, it just makes sense to let a knowledgeable driver do the work—they’ve done the drive plenty of times, and will know all the tricks of the road to get you to Epcot in a timely fashion.

Forget about keeping your hands at ten and two. Browse your phone for the many attractions at Epcot, gaze out the window and see just how beautiful Florida really is, or lean back and snooze so you can be wide awake for the adventure that awaits you. Express Transportation’s Clearwater to Epcot shuttle will get you to “the future” safely.

Things to Do Once You Arrive at Epcot

When Walt Disney first imagined Epcot, he visualized a real city of the future. In this city, residents would work and live full-time in Epcot, embracing the future as if it were their normal world. Epcot was such a visionary concept, primetime specials were aired in the 1960’s to showcase the plan only Walt Disney could conceive.

Unfortunately, Walt Disney passed away soon after his dream took root. But with a plethora of support, his visionary Epcot was not left unfinished. Epcot truly resonates with Walt Disney’s futuristic vision and has become the home to some of the world’s most unique attractions. From the Future World to the World Showcase, Epcot managed to fuse two excitingly different theme parks into one exciting adventure. Here are some of Epcot’s most popular attractions:

  • Spaceship Earth—see the history of our world—from caveman to computer—at the center of Epcot’s most iconic structure: the geosphere (or the giant golf ball).
  • American Adventure—an Audio/Animatronics montage of major moments in American history. A truly amazing attraction that will leave you feeling patriotic.
  • Soarin’—Hang-glide through the beautiful Earth: over Yosemite, and beyond. You’re sure to feel the butterflies as this realistic thrill ride definitely gets your heart going.
  • World Showcase—see 11 different countries without ever leaving Florida! This awesome attraction will give you a taste of culture from one side of the world to the other.

There’s so much to see in Epcot, you’ll have to discover the rest on your own!

Reserve a Clearwater to Epcot Shuttle to travel in style

Now that you have an idea of what Epcot has in store for you, here’s what Express Transportation can offer to make your vacation truly amazing:

  • Fast service ( no long wait times—we pick you up when you say you want to be picked up)
  • Reliable vehicles ( No lemons here—unless you count the juicy citrus around Florida)
  • Knowledgeable staff (Friendly, experience drivers will make the long drive feel like a walk in the park!)

There’s no doubt that Epcot is a must-see attraction in Florida. All you have to do is figure out how to get there! Our Clearwater to Epcot Transportation service is probably one of the most cost effective ways to get there.

To book your Clearwater to Epcot Shuttle with Florida’s trusted transportation service, give Express Transportation a call at (813) 731-9283 or reserve your spot online today!