Located right on Tampa Bay, Apollo Beach is an incredible place to call home or to visit. There’s plenty to see, do and enjoy here as well. Whether you’re a fan of fishing, kayaking, shopping, dining or something else, you’ll find it in spades. Of course, you’ll need transportation to and from Apollo Beach, Florida, and that’s where our Apollo Beach shuttle service comes in – we get you where you want to go in safety and comfort.

Apollo Beach Shuttle Service Top Destinations

If you’re heading into Apollo Beach, Florida, you’ll find that there are numerous options in terms of destinations. From shopping to dining to fishing piers, boat rentals and even skate parks. Our Apollo Beach transportation service is happy to take you wherever you’d like to go, including some of our favorite destinations in the area:

  • EG Simmons Park – If you’re interested in enjoying some of South Florida’s amazing outdoor areas and natural beauty, we’d recommend EG Simmons Park. You’ll find boat rentals, fishing and there’s even an area where you can clean and dress your fish if you’d like to cook it up fresh.
  • Manatee Viewing – Manatees are amazing creatures now on the endangered species list. However, Apollo Beach, Florida has its own population of these wonderful animals. You can see them near the Tampa Electric plant, as well as at the TECO Manatee Viewing Center on Dickman Road.
  • Apollo Beach Skate Park – If you’re of an adventurous mind and would like to enjoy some boarding, there’s a great skate park in town. Apollo Beach Skate Park is located on Golf and Sea Boulevard.
  • Dining – If dining is your thing, you’ll find a ton of different options scattered up and down Apollo Beach Boulevard, as well as on Miller Mac Road, Flamingo Drive and the surrounding area.
  • Mirabella – Head out to Mirabella Boulevard for some Gulf dining and enjoyment, including the stunning beaches.

Explore Apollo Beach with our Shuttle Services

While there’s more than enough to do in Apollo Beach to keep you occupied, you’re also in a prime location for exploring other areas. Our Apollo Beach taxi service is able to take you from Apollo Beach to any number of other destinations, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, or even up to Orlando if you want to experience some of that city’s famous theme parks. Even Miami is not out of the question (it’s actually not as far away as you might think, despite being on the opposite side of the state).

Choosing the Best Apollo Beach Shuttle Service

Whether you’re heading into or out of Apollo Beach, Florida, finding the right Apollo Beach shuttle service for your needs can be a challenge. Will you get someone who is unfriendly or gruff? Will the car have foul odors or be dirty? At Express Transportation stand behind our services & transportation and have one of the best safety records in the industry, as well as a commitment to outstanding customer service and unfortunately that’s just not true for all shuttle providers. We of course recommend our services, but if you decide to opt for a competing transportation company, we highly advise you research their safety record, customer satisfaction ratings and other important factors.

Reserve Our Apollo Beach Shuttle Service Today

Don’t wait to reserve your spot – make sure you have reservations with our Apollo Beach transportation service today. Our affordable services are in demand and we often get booked quickly. Express Transportation is an industry leader and we pride ourselves on serving the needs of our customers with excellent service, comfortable transportation and punctuality. Call us today at (813) 731-9283 or use our handy online reservation form.